Education, Culture and Sports Department (further – Department) is a City of Riga municipal institution that handles matters related to pre-school, general and professional (Arts, Music and Sports) oriented education, culture, youth, sports, as well as integration in society. One of the functions of the Department is to manage pre-school and primary education and to provide secondary education for all children residing within the administrative territory of the Riga City. The Department oversees 115 general education schools (incl. 88 secondary schools, 23 elementary schools and 4 primary schools) with 68 155 students, 82%, of these students master elementary education programs, but secondary education programs are mastered by 18%. Out-of-school and vocational education is provided by 115 comprehensive schools, 9 music and art schools, 11 sports schools and 13 Riga Municipality’s out-of-school education institutions which are attended by 84 068 students.

City of Riga