City of Rotterdam

Rotterdam ( is a young, ambitious, international city at the river Maas with circa 625.000 citizens. A city with involved citizens and a strong, unique personality. About 11.000 people work as civil servants for the City of Rotterdam, from policy makers to street sweepers. In Rotterdam: 318.603 are native Dutch. Others have 174 nationalities: 228.353 are from non-western origin and another 70.391 are from western origin.

The diversity in the city is a strength. Everyone has their own specific talents. We are on the lookout for all those talents in the city and we are working on ways to make each of these talents blossom in its own way. There is a great deal of varied talent in the city.We can learn from other cities in Europe. Many of the problems in Rotterdam have a European dimension. It is very important to stay in sympathy with Europe. Rotterdam has joined the “European coalition of cities against racism,” and thereby set down a ten-point plan for combating racism and discrimination. We are in the process of integrating the approach to discrimination by sexual orientation and belief or origin in the job market.