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Partnership Achieving Communities Tackling early school leaving

Community-based efforts make up the scope of this project as a way to create  inclusive models for schools and communities. This is in the context of the EU2020 headline target to reduce early school leaving in 18-24 year olds to 10 % across the EU. This target ultimately led to an EU Council Recommendation (2011) on early school leaving. The Council Recommendation, together with the Council Conclusions (2015) and a number of related EU Commission documents on early school leaving, child poverty and social inclusion (2011, 2011a, 2013, 2013a, 2015), form the basic overarching framework for early school leaving prevention in general, and also led to particular attention on inclusive systems in and around education. European cities share a focus on neighborhoods which are characterized by unstable demographic development, social tensions among ethnic groups and a challenged public service due to limited economic funds and fast changing public needs. Research shows how these factors influence everyday well-being for families, and this has a proven impact on the learning situations for children and increases the risk of early school  leaving.

The activities and outputs of this project will concern itself with three factors:
1. The development of a student- to- student mentorsship method to support talented students in at-risk conditions

2. Promoting active participation of parents and communities, as well as after -school activities,  as the resources needed to promote well-being conditions in and around the educational institutions 

3. reports  and video material to describe methods for community –based home-work programs with parents for students.


The impact of PACT will begin to address that which is needed; flexible models for community collaborations in and around schools to motivate learning and tackle early school leaving.

Intellectual Outputs
  • Community CO-OP Homework program

  • Mentoring

  • After School Programs


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