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Intellectual Outputs

​Output 1.  Three country reports on the needs and support of children living in disadvanced urban areas.

Output  2.  a method called Community CO-OP Homework program, as a method directly involving parents in the support of student learning. Added outcome is active particpation  as a way to social inclusion and the acquistiton of knowledge about school systems for those parents who are not familiar with the educational system.


Output 3. A short film describing concepts and practice from trials of the Community- CO-OP program.  As a visual tool, film can show and not tell, particulary to audiences who are not accustomed to read documents. A film and can be widely distributed and used by educational institutions, by public servants, by NGOs and to families as newcomers to a community.The film will provide inspiration for others to create their form for Community CO-OP Homework programs.

Hodan Ahmed - Project coordinator

Hodan Ahmed is the project coodinator of the PACT project. Hodan is a community development worker, former communication adviser with experince from public administration, skills in faciltiation and particpatory methods, coordinator of Area Renewal Program.

Dianne Feteris - Partner

Dianne Feteris is an experienced policy-maker, affiliated with the youth Department of the Department Youth & Education of the city of Rotterdam. Experience on programs of Health Promotion for refugees and as project coordinator for programs on Drugs & Alcohol. Skills in project management, development, innovation, prevention & health promotion.

Output 4. A  mentor program Student - to Student in Rotterdam. This will prevent and support students in upper levels to complete their education inspite of complications and difficulties in everyday life outside the school. The community of university students will volunteer to offer mentoring to the younger students and in this way, contribute to civic particpation and sharing respsonsiblites, as well as their own character building.

Output 5. A toolkit of After School Education, 9 (3 from each partner country) innovative best practices regarding the involvement of the after school groups education in fostering positive behaviour and to reduce early school leaving.

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