Nordpolen school is a newly established primary and secondary school (grade 1-10, 6-15 years) in the district Sagene. The school began in 2012 and expanded to have 840 students. In addition to regular classes, the school has a group for children with special needs / autism. In this group we are working for ABA principle (applied behaviour analysis). the school  provides services for students in 1st-4. grades before and after school activities. Here there is time for learning through play and crafts. Student make-up reflects the demographic of the Sagene district. 40% of the students are multi-lingual, 21% of our students come from low-income families and 30% of our students come from homes with parents with high education and well-paid jobs. This means that the school's students come to us with very different backgrounds. We have nearly 100 employees, consisting of educators, occupational therapists, assistants, child and youth workers, counsellor, custodian, office personnel and management. We are one of 180 schools in Oslo. What characterizes students who do not  complete secondary education is that they have poor language and low reading skills. In addition, they are not good enough computer skills. It is unfortunately also the case that there is a great relationship with the family background you come from whether you complete and pass their education. The school aims to give all children a solid education, both academically and socially. The school has worked to compensate for students' social inequities as a prerequisite for success at school.