Oslo Sagene

The Municipal District Sagene is a public body in The City of Oslo; serving a population of near 43 000 residents. The responsibilities cover welfare and health services to elderly, children and youth; adults who are unemployed and services to immigrants and refugees. We provide cultural services, work with local development planning, environmental issues, give service to civil society through economic allotments for volunteer, cultural and environmental organizations and are responsible for maintenance of and development of public parks and recreational spaces. The district has the responsibility for public kindergardens, but not for the administration of schools. This is administered in its own administrative department outside of the district´s mandate.


The district Sagene has 49 service offices and approximately 1100 employees. The districts Strategic Plan states: Sagene is a good place to grow up! There is a focus on well-being and living standards of safety and diversity for all, despite of income differences. The fast pace of housing growth, including highest number of Social housing units in Norway within our district, creates the need for efficient programs and ways to work across sectors. The emergence of National and European policy  for more citizen involvement between public and private entities is a challenge which the district is working on now. We are making summaries of some experiences which are financed by the state departments, and want this project to allow us to systematize and create good models for community collaborations.