Steering Group Meeting 2 - Riga

A partners meeting has been held on the 19-20 of April in Riga in the framework of the project “Partnership Achieving Communities Tackling Early School Leaving” within the European Union “Erasmus+” Education, Training, Youth and Sport programme

Riga project activities have been organized in two parts. The first part took place in the premises of Riga City Council on April 19.

First day activities were focussed on extra-curriculum activities in the city of Riga. Anita Pēterkopa, Head of General Education Schools Department (Education, Culture and Sports Committee) familiarized the members of the Project with the functions of the Department as well as general principles of organization of education in Latvia and Riga. She was also answering the questions on early school leaving from the assembled participants. Moreover, each country presented its existing work already done in the years 2017 and 2018. Upon the countries’ presentations the participants of the project worked in groups discussing what was already achieved and providing feedback on the challenges still to be met.

In the second half of the day the countries involved in the project presented on IO’s progress:

  • summary of the results received to the survey on interest-related education;

  • mentoring;

  • community CO-OP method.


Riga Basic School presented on the importance and organization of virtue education in Riga City in the form of extra-curriculum and interest-related activities. At the end of the day Zuarguss, a lector, a mentor and a project Advisory Board member, gave a quick inside into the incorporation of high emotional intelligence methodology into education process. The other members of the Advisory Board participating in the activities of the day was Dr. Manuels Fernandezs, University of Latvia, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Arts Scientific Institute of Pedagogy and Ērika Pičukāne, a methodologist of Latvian Language Agency.


Second day activities were held in Riga Pļavnieku School. Pupils involved into interest-oriented activities of the school provided a musical greeting. Riga Pļavnieku Basic School presented on the challenges of the organization of extra-curriculum activities at school, as well as the results to pupils and parents questionnaires on the school’s offer of interest-related education. The members of the project were familiarized with extra-curriculum activities offered to the school’s pupils as well as the individual competences project currently implemented at the school.


In the second half of the day members of the project had the possibility to participate in interest-related activities of the school: folk dancing, choir, ceramics, non-traditional hand craft and lego robotics. The participants of the project danced, sang, made brooches in the colour of the Latvian flag, built a lego robot, made medals with Riga City imprint that will be further burnt and enamelled by the teacher of ceramics club. At the end of the day project participants shared their impressions by completing the feedback form.

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