Steering Group Meeting 5 - Rotterdam

Monday 14th  and Tuesday 15th October it was time; Rotterdam was the host of the fifth European project meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Partnership Achieving Communities Tackling Early School Leaving”. The project focuses on combating early school dropout together with Oslo and Riga. This way, every city has its own challenges in this, but we also look for collaborations in this.

PACT focuses on three activities:
1. The development of a "student for student" mentor method (Rotterdam)
2. Promoting active participation of parents and neighborhood; the CO-OP method (Oslo)
3. Best practice tool of after-school activities (Riga)

The development of a "student for student" mentor method has gotten the name Mentoring Urban Talent. This is a collaboration between Erasmus University, Marnix Gymnasium and the city of Rotterdam, is in the final phase and has been followed up in a new study by the Erasmus University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Also our international partners give us advice.

Now that we are well on our way to the end of the project in August 2020 with the Erasmus + project, the results are slowly becoming visible and we are all thinking together where we can still strengthen, feed and support each other when it comes to the joint statement target. We are working towards the dots on the i and the organization of the final conference June 2020 in Oslo.

These two days were partly devoted to strengthening the project, but also to give Oslo and Riga a glimpse into the Rotterdam kitchen. The first day took place at the premises of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, on the 17th floor, so we could have another great view over the city. The highlight of that day was a presentation by Guido Walraven about Dynamics in the City. Walraven is lector at InHolland Hogeschool, a university of
applied sciences in Rotterdam. He is an expert on dynamics in the urban context, i.e., urban citizenship and social inclusion. After Walraven, each country presented its existing work already done on the three main outputs of the project. After lunch we got some feedback from the advisory board member how to connect the different parts of the project. We also had a first glance on how the final conference could look like. In the afternoon the usual project updates were discussed.

The second day started this time at the Elisabeth School primary school, where we got a nice insight into how the school gives substance to the daily programming. For more information about day programming, visit: (in Dutch).


After three presentations by Gerard Spiering (program manager), Bas Blummel (school principal) and Aetzel Griffioen (Vakmanstad), we have seen with our own eyes how the children at this school were busy preparing the meal for that day in the context of day programming in the kitchen, among other things. These children enthusiastically told about it in English. The guests from Riga and Oslo thought it was a wonderful, inspiring story from this school, a story they would like to tell further in their own country.

2019oktober meeting rtm.jpg